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Our carrot soap is excellent for babies, and people with ultra sensitive skin. High quality wooden facial/beard brush great for deep cleansing the skin. Sereniti Bath Body and You makes the highest quality skincare, handmade by a Licensed Esthetician. Step 1. Contains 4oz activated charcoal soap bar- charcoal is well known for its properties of drawing out blackheads like magnets, fights acne and so much more! Soaps have been infused and may have pieces of organic marshmallow root still in them, as the
Carrot Silk Soap
Our Price: 6.00

This handmade beauty is one of my Cold process soap! It is handmade with saponified vegan oil, mango,rice bran, coconut, babassu, Apricot, palm and carrots (real) and now with cruelty free silk.
Find out what it means to lavish your skin. There is no fragrance and this soap will be idea for your entire body yes Head to TOE!! I will tell you a few reasons why you want carrots on your skin. It is thought to be full of antioxidants, it also is said to help get rid of surface blemishes, and also with balancing skin tone. It is also thought to help with collagen and skin elasticity.I could go on and on about carrots but you will just have to find out for yourself.

(bars are slightly smaller as the price reduction)
Need an extra boost to your cleaning routine? Get our high quality facial brushes. Great for stimulation of blood to the face, assisting with removal of dead skin, as well as cleaning beard, or faces. Step 1. Contains 3.8 oz activated charcoal soap bar- charcoal is well known for its properties of drawing out blackheads like magnets, fights acne and so much more! Soaps have been infused and may have pieces of organic marshmallow root still in them, as they have extra skin softening properties also thought to assist in inflamed skin.

Remember the key to great skin is , consistency, cleanse (2x) , tone, moisturize and weekly exfoliation/mask
Luxury Facial Toner, made in small batches for your beautiful skin. Our Hibiscus Infused Facial Oil is a great final step in skincare. 4oz luxury facial moisturizer from Sereniti Bath Body and You
Luxury Facial Toner
Our Price: 15.00

Luxury Facial Moisturizer
Our Price: 16.00

Our luxury facial toner is idea for all skin types, some of the key ingredients are certified organic lemon essential oil, along with ylang ylang, argan oil, chamomile extract, rose water, carrot extract and so much more! Tell your skin just how much you love it by using luxury products. Toner are great for removing any additional residue from the skin along with adding nourishing ingredients that will be sealed in by your amazing luxury moisturizer.

Toner directions: Use products after cleansing skin and after removal of facial mask... add to cotton swab and wipe entire face including neck area. Follow up with facial moisturizer.
Our Botanical Infused oil is the best on the market it is simply amazing we took non-comedongenic oils, and infused the with beautiful hibiscus flower. There are oils such as safflower, argan, baobab, meadowsfoam, vitamin e, and so much more we infused a special blend of organic lemon essential oil, well know for their effects on dark spots, and happy aromatherapy.
Skin types: Dry, Normal, Combination.
Why did we choose this plant and who exactly will it benefit?
Hibiscus is thought to have a rep for giving a natural youth boost, it is thought to increase skin elasticity, firming and lifting skin. It also evens skin tone. If you are anything like me when I get acne I get a dark mark (hyper pigmentation) and age spots. It is rich in antioxidants, they also have a anti inflammatory effect that helps soothe inflamed skin.

Lastly ensures glowing healthy skin for her exfoliating properties and help w/cell turn over.

Who should use it? If you have acne or issues with dark marks, and or age spots.

Directions: Apply 2-4 drops in your hand massage all over face, allow a few seconds for skin to absorb, and apply makeup. This should be the final step after cleansing with our facial soap, toning.
Our new luxury moisturizer, is sure to become a staple in your facial care regime. Loaded with natural and nourishing oils, and certified organic essential oils. I am so excited to finally release this line, leave the skin moisturized, with no excess shine. Some of our key ingredients include argan oil, cucpacu butter, apricot oils and so much more! Your skin has never been loved like this! Idea for all skin types.

Directions: Best if used with our charcoal soap bar, and facial toner, this should be the last step in your skincare regime, about 1 1/2 pumps will be enough to cover the entire face, massage until all of the moisturizer has been worked in, and apply makeup or sunscreen.