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We are currently located at 301 N Church Suite 146 Street Rocky Mount NC 27804

I love Jesus. I am a wife, mother, owner and Esthetician of Sereniti Bath Body & You. I created Sereniti Bath Body & You out of necessity. I had a surgery that left me horribly scarred while also taking a huge toll on my self esteem. By this time, I was already on my natural hair journey and was well educated from attending events and different workshops to learn about my hair as well as ingredients. My natural hair taught me to begin reading labels. As I began to read skincare labels, I learned that I didn't care for what was listed. As I began to mix and test my product line and usage on my horrible scars, I found that slowly but surely they were going away. God had given us everything we needed here on earth to take care of such issues. I later furthered my education and became a Licensed Esthetician (skin and pamper specialist). A new love began to grow in pampering individuals. This is where the "More than Skin Deep" slogan has started. My goal is to teach people not only how to groom and take care of their outer man, but to realize it is also the inner man that needs to be pampered as well. As a mother of four amazing kids, burnout is easy, but it's my job to teach others why self care is so very important.