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20 oz Rainbow Sorbet Body Scrub 20oz Juicy Melon Body Scrub from Sereniti Bath Body and You 8oz Creme de la Creme Cream Bath Whip Soap. We have the best cream shaving and body soap ever. Crafted by a Licensed Pro
Rainbow Sorbet (sherbert)
Our Price: $23.00
Juicy Melon
Our Price: $23.00

We provide you with no less than $40 worth of items, when available for only $25 enjoy! Sereniti Bath Body and You provides only the best in handmade items. This newly formulated Lip butter is everything you need before applying your favorite lippie. Enjoy soft kissable suck able lips! Sereniti Bath Body and You where skincare is handmade by a Licensed Esthetician. This all natural body and hair icing leaves your skin moisturized, last all day and just a little goes a very long way. Idea for all skin types. Sereniti Bath Body and You makes only the best in skin and hair care.
Destash Mystery Bag
Our Price: $40.00
Sale Price: $25.00

Body Icing w/Argan Oil
Our Price: $18.00


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Customized Body Scrub 20 oz scrub
Our Price: $26.00