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6oz Creme de la Creme Cream Bath Whip Soap. We have the best cream shaving and body soap ever. Crafted by a Licensed Pro Nana Pudding Body Scrub 20oz Body Scrub relaxing and refreshing scent from Sereniti Bath Body and You These perfume roll on oils, are a great way to refresh you favorite scent. Purse size, with natural oils and fragrance free of parabens, and pthalate, containing some of your favorite Sereniti Bath Body and You scents!
Creme de la creme Bath Whip 6oz
Our Price: $12.00

Sweet/Foodie Scented Scrubs 6oz
Our Price: $11.00

1/3 oz Roll On oils
Our Price: $8.00

Clean Scented  Body Scrub from Sereniti Bath Body and You amazing natural skincare created by a Licensed Esthetician
Clean/Barely there Body Scrubs
Our Price: $11.00